Best Ab Workouts

Best Ab Workouts – Diet Alone Won’t Do It

The key to the best ab workouts is the utilization of crunches and body twists. Developing the abdominal muscles keep the main trunk of the body fit and in shape. Squeezing the middle portion will lead to the group of muscles to improve on its foundation. Exercising without using equipments involves a great deal of crunch positions.

Fitness and exercise can be a way of life. For persons who are keen in maintaining their figures, the best ab workouts are the thing to consider. Health must never be taken for granted. In an environment where food is being enhanced, people are not too sure about the safety of what is being taken into their bodies. The nourishment from the items which individuals eat can be an extreme contributor of being overweight or underweight. The well-being of a human being is a major issue nowadays. There are numerous campaigns and ads everywhere which encourages everybody to work out in order to tone that body into a fit one. Exercise is a vital key towards healthy living.

The need to cut down on calories is a goal for many obese individuals. Since the body is the central part from which all people base the fitness of a person, the best ab workouts are the appropriate physical conditioning for putting a figure into shape. If there is any primary exercise procedure that is being implemented in shaping up the abdomen, then it is the bicycle maneuver. With the back on the floor, the person must alternate both legs in a cycling manner. This training brings form to the rectus abdominis and the obliques. It is an essential part in the emergence of the “six pack” abs. Second on the list of abs exercise is the ten-second crunch. A flat back and bent knees are necessary prior to holding the position for about ten-seconds. Shoulder lifting will then engage the abdomen to contract its muscles. Next on the best ab workouts is the pelvic tilting. A crunch position is assumed and the abdominal part is twisted gently so as to allow muscles to harden. The planks exercise is also valuable to the abs muscle. With face down on the floor, the lifting of the head and the feet at the same time will pull in the abdomen into a form which tightens the middle part of the body. Among the best ab workouts that is popularly utilized is the alternating crunches. The lifting of the pelvis and allowing it to meet the ribs in a squeezing position will gradually contribute to the abdomen to form a “six pack.” An exercise that is directly associated with this physical workout is the reverse crunch. Slight contact of the pelvis and the ribs is done in a straight forward manner. The glute bridges is another helpful exercise which contributes to the muscle formation of the abdomen. The crunch position is assumed and the lower back is gradually lifted up with both feet planted flatly on the floor. Among the best ab workouts to date is the long arm crunch. The individual must extend his arms overhead while lying flat on the back. The vertical leg crunch is a part of the workout which allows muscle extension. The legs are extended to the hips and maintained there based on the exercise counts. The last part is the oblique crunches where both knees are dropped together into the right and left sides of the ribs.

All of that makes up the best ab workouts and it really is all about changing it up if you want results. And why do it if your not doing it for results.

Circuit Training Workouts

Circuit Training Workouts that will really get results.

Summary: Circuit Training Workouts are one the most admired form of all exercises. Since it includes short periods of circuit programs, it is very time efficient and effective workout. It is best-suitable for working people.

Circuit Training Workouts are considered as one of the striking and innovative form of training exercises. Circuit training exercise was first introduced in the year 1953 by G. T. Anderson and R. Morgan. This workout form is divided into several sections which are commonly termed as Circuit Programs. In a particular circuit program, exercises are well-included and after the completion of one circuit the user is allowed to enter into the next circuit station. It is a mixed-mode combination of high-intensity exercises and aerobics.

There are so many varieties of Circuit Training Workouts. Workouts can easily be done with hydraulic equipments, elastic resistance and hand-held weights like dumbbells. Themed circuit is also a conventional option. Normally for improving muscle endurance and cardio-respiratory system during exercise, aerobic programs are included in between two circuit programs. The duration of aerobic sessions may be around 15 seconds up to 3 minutes. Apart from using expensive equipments for workouts, a person can easily choose simpler form of Circuit Training Workouts. General workouts include walking, running, skipping, push-ups and sit-ups at regular intervals.

Circuit Training – What is it for?

Circuit training is very suitable for developing the body structure and the local muscular strength endurance. Circuit training is widely categorized into four groups and they are Total Body, Upper Body, Lower Body and Core Region. In a well-designed circuit training course, all the above mentioned categories are included properly to provide the best workouts for different regions of human body. For Upper Body workouts Push-ups, Press-ups, Bench lift, Bench dips and Inclined Press-ups are some of the recommended Circuit Training Workouts. The Total Body circuit training includes Skipping, Squat Thrusts, Treadmils, Whole body Circuit and many others. Sit up and Stomach crunch are for lower and upper abdominals respectively.

There are so many people all over the world who are using the circuit exercises for various reasons. First of all, this type of exercise is well-suited for the working person. Because of the small duration of the exercises circuit training is a very time efficient program to develop the strength and stamina of the working people. The equipments of Circuit Training Workouts are smaller in size and occupy less space. This is why one can do these exercises by staying at their homes. Both the athletes and non-athletes can use these exercises for general fitness. It is also very effective for the people who are suffering from fatness. Cardio and Strength Calorie Burning Circuit, Fat and Calorie Burning Circuit and Fat Burning Circuit Workout are some of the most comprehensive exercises for losing weight.

Weight Lifting Routines

Weight Lifting Routines – Do You Know the Best Way to Follow Them?

Summary: Following weight lifting routines with the help of an experienced trainer is the right way to get the needed result. They would provide a diet chart for nutritional needs, as well as teach breathing techniques to follow when lifting weights.

Following weight lifting routines is a sure way to help build muscles and to get into a top shape. Increase in muscle mass and strength and a good body are the benefits of weight training, on a daily basis. There are some safety precautions that need to be followed diligently to avoid any serious injury.

It is very necessary to start the weight lifting routines with warm-up exercises. This can include 10-15 minutes of stretching exercises and cardio. This is essential, to raise the temperature of the body. These light warm up exercises will set the body in motion gradually. They also prevent any strain in the muscles and injury to soft tissues.

There are many aspects to consider, in making the weight lifting routines safe and injury free. The correct technique is very important when lifting weights. When weight is lifted in an improper angle, it causes strain in the wrong muscle, resulting in injuries to the tendon or ligament. The correct technique will help in avoiding these mistakes.

A trainer is very essential when one is starting the weight lifting routines for the first time. They will provide the knowledge and skill and get the right work out plan. The trainer will guide in the correct techniques in lifting weights, which will help in preventing any muscle or bone injury. This will also help one get terrific results.

The weight lifting routines should always be followed using good equipment, those that have been well maintained. Along with the equipment, the workout benches also should be sturdy and clean. The bars should have weight clamps so that the weights do not slip off and cause injury. Work out shoes and rubber mats are part of the weight training material to prevent one from slipping and falling. The workout area itself should always be clean and dry to avoid slipping and causing injury. A weight belt is an important wear for lifting weights, for it prevents any back injuries and even hernia. In addition, of course, a glove is very necessary to get the proper grip on the weights.

Weight training is a safe way to exercise with slow, controlled, and well-defined movements. It is vital that the weight lifting routines should be followed in a proper way, without avoiding any of the exercises. This will guarantee the best result. Breathing techniques are also taught by trainers, as it is very important to breathe the right way while lifting weights instead of holding it or even breathing shallowly. Following these guidelines will make this a very fun-filled and rewarding experience.

Benefits and advantages of the Full Body Workout Routine

This video explains the benefits and advantages of doing a full body workout a few days a week vs. doing split training. It really depends on what your trying to accomplish, if your looking for more functional muscle working out the entire body can’t be beat, if your wanting to be a body builder you are probably only going to do the Full Body routine when you have something come up or just back from vacation or something.

Introduction to Form Follows Function

First off, please read this before you judge what I am saying. Form follows function means that the first thing you should worry about is function, well before form. It means that achieving a goal is more important than how you got there. Yes I think you need to do everything right to be the best you can be, BUT for beginners starting, doing something is more important than looking good doing it.

Don’t take this to mean that I want you lifting weight that is too heavy(actually the contrary) and think eventually you will grow into being able to lift it right. Dont think I think you should cheat at regular pushups(contrary again) to just get them done. No what I want, is for you to forget about how much weight your lifting and let that completely go. IT DOESN’T MATTER. If you CAN lift 50 lb dumbbells, but have to do it quickly to get the desired amount of reps in, your not functioning at all. Functioning, would be to use a lesser weight like 35s or 40s and go very slow for the same reps, like count a rep in your head like this, for instance. 3 count down, 3 count up. Forcing yourself to go slower with a lower weight will generally produce a much better exercise. If you and me can lift the same weight, but I choose a weight 10lbs lower, have more controlled movement and go slower, I will get a better workout than you doing a one up one down count exercise(this refers to how long it takes to push or pull the weight) So because I am functioning right, my form will come along. Think about it.

A week in

Ok, I have been back in the gym for a week, and sorry I haven’t updated, but you know or your about to know what starting back in the gym is like. I have done my basic gym workout every other day, 4 times total. With some form of cardio mixed in on the days I am not lifting weights. And by some form of cardio I mean, one day I walked for 35 minutes in the morning at a very swift pace, most days its 45 minutes on the eliptical, and I have made it a point to walk a bit further when I go for walks with my dog. I know if I can keep this up for 21 days, it will be a habit and I will be successful. So for your first 21 days, don’t do any looking at the scale. Don’t kill yourself over your appearance, just work on making exercise a habit. Work on eating well for 21 days. Next time we talk Form Follows Function!

Getting full value out of your time at the gym

A lot of people go to the gym for an hour and a half a day but never see results. This is because of 1)Intensity of there workouts 2) Form 3)They never change anything or 4) Diet. I won’t get into Diet right now, but know that if you don’t eat healthy you will not be satisfied with your results in the gym. Most experts agree that a healthy, fit body is a result of 75-80% diet and the rest being a healthy exercise program. Think about that the next time you can’t decide what to eat for dinner.

Intensity, to me, as far as full-body workouts go is getting in the gym and staying focused on exercising, keeping your heart rate up and not resting too much. If your an advanced body builder, you may want to rest longer between sets, but for 95% of us that isn’t the case.

As for form, if you don’t know how to do an exercise stay tuned I will demonstrate each for you, but you may want to take a look at Turbulence Training it is like having an online personal trainer. If you do know how to do the exercises, keep in mind that you need to use a weight that will stretch the fibers in your muscles but is light enough for you to control. If you push or pull the weight slower, you will get a better workout.

The other thing you need to do, is well, something else. After a month or so of working out, you will start to hit a plateau, so change things up. Do a different superset or use lighter/heavier weights for more/less repititions.

The point is, be smart while exercising and you will get more out of it than most people.

Beginners Workout at Home or Hotel

This workout will try and duplicate they gym workout for beginners without the same equiptment. However, if your going to workout at home you do need a minimum of a great imagination(fill gallon jugs with water), but really a jump rope, exercise/resistance bands/tubes and hopefully a chinup bar and perfect pushups.(youve seen’em on tv, but they are on the right of the blog at amazon)

Home Beginners Workout
5 Jump Rope or Jumping Jacks
MAX Feet Elevated Pushups As many as you can do
MAX Chinups or rows with resistance bands, put feet in chair for chinups to make easier.
30 Seconds Rest
Repeat 3 Times
after you do superset1 a total of 4 times, rest 90-120 seconds. At the end of 120 seconds, you should be doing the next exercise.
For this get a weight you can do the entire exercise with.
15 Squats with resistance bands or 1 gallon jugs
15 curls into military presses with resistance bands or 1 gallon jugs
40 Jumping Jacks(yes, Jumping Jacks)
30 Seconds Rest
Repeat 3 Times
after you do superset2 a total of 4 times, rest 90-120 seconds.
15 minutes of jumping jacks, situps, running up stairs(keep your heart rate up)
your done.
Shouldn’t take more than 35-40 minutes TOTAL.
It is very important not to rest too long during any aspect of the workout. The intensity is what gets your heart going and will help to burn fat for hours after your done exercising. If your apprehensive about going to the gym, do this for a few weeks and you will fill much more comfortable and confident when you do. Remember everyone is different, the amount of weight or resistance doesn’t matter. The only thing that matters is that you are working your muscles at a weight suitable for you. Keep it intense

Beginners Workout at Gym

If your like most people getting started is the hardest part. Well, if you can make yourself do something everyday for 21 days, it should become a habit. So that is the challenge, do SOMETHING physical everyday for 21 days.

Since the name of the blog is Full Body Workout, I thought I would offer up a great start up workout for those that are new to exercising or have been away for quite some time. The key to any exercise program is intensity, and this one, though very basic, is intense. For this workout, Intensity=VERY LITTLE BREAK TIME BETWEEN SETS.

Keep in mind if I say High, Medium or Low resistance that is unique for every single person. If one person can bench press 90lb dumbells and one can bench press 20lb dumbells, the one that has better form, is actually going to get more out of it. And remember, everyone starts somewhere.

Now I am going to offer up this workout two seperate ways. 1)In a gym below and 2)At home or in a hotel room(tomorrow blog post)

Gym Beginners Workout
5 Minutes Eliptical, High resistance
12 Incline Dumbell Presses
12 Bent Over Rows
30 Seconds Rest
Repeat 3 Times
after you do superset1 a total of 4 times, rest 90-120 seconds. At the end of 120 seconds, you should be doing the next exercise.
For this get a weight you can do the entire exercise with.
15 Squats/Power Cleans/Military Presses with dumbells. Ok, so you hold the weight by your side and squat, as you come back up, you curl the weight and then press above you. Just to reiterate, make sure you are using a low enough weight that you can control and get full value from the exercise.
40 Jumping Jacks(yes, Jumping Jacks)
30 Seconds Rest
Repeat 3 Times
after you do superset2 a total of 4 times, rest 90-120 seconds.
15 minutes of eliptical as fast and hard as you can go.
your done.
Shouldn’t take more than 35-40 minutes TOTAL.
It is very important not to rest too long during any aspect of the workout. The intensity is what gets your heart going and will help to burn fat for hours after your done exercising.

Time to get in shape!

The reason I started this blog was that I know, at 37 years old, I am not nearly as fit as I have been in the past. Now I know first hand how to lose weight, how to gain muscle, and how to eat healthy. I know that the benefits of a full body workout three days a week along with a great diet will work wonders.

I had always had a problem gaining weight in high school because I played sports every single day and my metabolism was super high. I really could eat anything I wanted. Well when I was 25 years old I was a bartender in Atlanta, Georgia. There was a girl that I really liked that obviously had an interest in me, and then she ended up seeing my belly at a pool party and called me FAT! After this she didn’t pay much attention to me. I was having so much fun bartending and worked unhealthy hours, I hadn’t even noticed that I was developing a spare tire. I went straight to Barnes and Noble and bought “Body For Life”, by Bill Philips. I worked extremely hard for a few months, and then the next thing you know, that same girl wouldn’t leave me alone. Well the relationship certainly didn’t workout, but she got me to learn everything there is to know about what it takes to get a healthy fit body.

Well, in February of 2008, I got married to the perfect woman. She is actually an aerobics instructor and has started a blog called Aerobics-Workout you might want to take a look at. Anyway, since getting married I kind of slacked off on my going to the gym and being healthy, and didn’t even realize it again!!! So, she said something to me and I knew starting this blog would be an inspiration to me, to get myself healthy, well easier said than done. UNTIL, I went to the doctor this morning and found out I weigh 269.6 lbs!!! Yep, 270 POUNDS! Now, I am six foot three inches tall, but that is a bit excessive.

So, what am I going to do about it? I am going to take the best of the best, combine them into my own workout and share it with you. That means you don’t need to spend $175 for P90x, you don’t have to read every word of “Body For Life” or go through dozens of workouts at Turbulence Training. Or do the “Abs Diet” I am going to borrow the best of each and put it into great workouts for me and for you! More later, time for my first workout! Don’t SNACK!